Hope 4others

Our Hope 4others child sponsorship program serves 231 vulnerable children in the rural town of Ambo, Ethiopia. As we connect each of these children to loving sponsors, we see lives transformed through the power of hope! A sponsor's financial support of $38/month equips a child with life-changing resources (see below) and the opportunity to discover their God-given potential. And a sponsor's prayers, letters, and occasional care packages pour love and hope into a child's heart, empowering them with the confidence to embrace their future.

There are 84 children in our program still waiting for sponsors. Some of these children suffer from special health issues that would benefit tremendously from the medical care that sponsorship provides. Other students require only short-term sponsors (2 years) because they are nearing their graduation. Every child's story and situation are unique. We hope a child will connect with your heart today so you can give them the best gift ever: a sponsor family to call their own!

  • Sponsor a Child

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Hope 4others Child Sponsorship Program

One program. Two project sites.

We've partnered with Ethiopian NGO Stand for Vulnerable Organization to open a multi-site child development program in rural Ambo, Ethiopia. 4others now has two sites within 5 miles of each other (Spring of Hope CarePoint and New Hope CarePoint) and serves a total of 231 orphaned and vulnerable children. Both project sites use the same model and follow the same sponsorship program through 4others. 

4others connects each child to a caring person who will give $38/month, write letters, and pray for their sponsored child.

What your sponsorship provides: 

  • Education: enrollment in the local public school, regular private tutoring, learning materials, school uniform and school supplies
  • Shoes and clothing
  • Supplemental food for the child's family
  • Medical care
  • Christian discipleship and mentoring
  • A loving, encouraging friendship

Family Empowerment Program

The Spring of Hope and New Hope programs focus on each child's holistic development, which includes family empowerment. The parents and guardians of the children are organized into self-help groups (SHGs). In these groups, they receive training in entrepreneurial skills to build a sustainable income and gradually move their families toward self-reliance.


Sponsor a Child - When you sponsor a child through 4others, you also empower his/her parent in their Self-Help Group!

Child Correspondence

Writing letters is the greatest way to offer that special friendship a child longs for! We hope you take the time to regularly send encouragement to your sponsored child. Your words encourage, inspire, and remind them of God's great love for them!

Send an online letter (1 week delivery) 

Mail a letter (6-8 weeks delivery)


We know our letters are important to the children, but we also know it's hard to send letters consistently. That's why we host two Write Nights each year, intentionally setting aside time as a community to encourage our kids! This way, every child receives at least two letters every year. We provide refreshments and all the writing materials. Our Write Nights are also a fun way to connect with other sponsors. We hope you can join us!

Mission Trips

We believe sponsors need the opportunity to see and experience the impact of their support! Nothing strengthens your relationship with your sponsored child better than spending a week in their shoes, visiting their home, and getting to know their family and culture.

Once a year, we host trips to the Ambo community of our two projects sites. The trip is usually 10 days in length, including travel, and the cost (including airline tickets, accommodations, food, in-country travel, and support staff) totals around $2,800 per traveler. 

Dates for the 2022 Trip is TBD

Community Development Projects

Sponsors also have the opportunity to support development projects that will transform their child’s community! 4others has a long-term development plan that includes projects such as the provision of water points for the community, building libraries, and installing public toilet facilities. 

Most recent development project: 

Gosu WASH Project

This project brought access to safe sanitation for the Spring of Hope community. It included the construction of two gender-specific VIP (ventilated improved pit) latrine blocks at the church compound where the Spring of Hope children and guardians gather.

Become a Sponsor

We believe God calls us to care for the orphan and the vulnerable. So we choose to come alongside children living in poverty and equip them with the resources and relationships they need to survive and thrive. Poverty is complex, but we believe it is also conquerable... one life at a time. You can help a child conquer poverty and reach their full potential in Christ when you sponsor a child at the Spring of Hope or New Hope CarePoints!

Sponsor a child today for just $38/month* and you will change his or her life!

*While most sponsorship organizations allocate 80-85% of each sponsorship donation for Program Delivery, 4others sends 90% of every donation directly to Ethiopia to deliver the program's benefits to your sponsored child!