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The Spring of Hope Trip is back on!


Our partners in Ethiopia (Children's HopeChest and Stand for Vulnerable Organization) have given the green light for a trip to the Spring of Hope CarePoint! Political tensions in the country have subsided, and our team of 15 passionate sponsors can resume preparations for a visit to the CarePoint!

The mission trip is rescheduled for February 11-21, 2017. The team will spend an entire week with the CarePoint families and staff, during which they'll distribute all the Care Packages and letters prepared by sponsors and supporters. The travelers and the children can hardly wait!

Christmas Campaign: Fill a Tummy & Fill a Heart

December 2016

4others has launched our Christmas giving campaign to feed hungry children around the world. When you fill a tummy with food, you fill a heart with hope! Click here to give a tax-deductible donation to feed children through our Food 4others MobilePack program or through our Spring of Hope program.

Spring of Hope Newsletter

Fall 2016

Check out the latest news from the Spring of Hope CarePoint: Open PDF Newsletter.

  • What Your Sponsorship Means
  • Mission Trip Postponed
  • Almost to 100% Sponsorship
  • Sending Letters to the CarePoint
  • Christmas Letters DUE DATE

  • Spring of Hope Mission Trip POSTPONED


    With sad hearts, we must announce that this year's visit to the Spring of Hope CarePoint has been postponed. Our mission team has been looking forward to spending time in encouraging fellowship with the children, families, and staff at Spring of Hope this month. However, due to the political and civil unrest throughout Ethiopia at this time, our partners made the wise decision to postpone this visit. New travel dates have not been determined yet, but we're trusting in God's timing and direction.

    Our hearts and prayers are with the Spring of Hope community during this very troubling time. Please join us in praying for the Spring of Hope children and community, and for the country of Ethiopia. (The latest report from the CarePoint on Tuesday was that all the staff and families were safe.) Let's continue to pray that God bless and protect them, and bring peace and unity to their country. And please pray for the protection of our partners at Children's HopeChest and SVO as they continue to travel throughout the country serving the vulnerable in Jesus' name.

    MobilePack Meals Are On the Move!


    All 303,264 meals from the Food 4others MobilePack are currently ON THEIR WAY Feed My Starving Children distribution partners around the world!

    1,080 meals on their way to Nicaragua

    100,008 meals on their way to Cambodia

    202,176 meals on their way to the Philippines

    Soon, hundreds of children will have nutritious food to fill their bellies and strengthen their bodies.

    Easter in Ethiopia


    The children at our child development center in Ethiopia (Spring of Hope) had a wonderful Easter celebration on May 1st! After choir and drama performances, the children opened the letters from their sponsors. Unsponsored children were so happy to also receive encouraging letters, thanks to the many volunteers who made sure no child was left out!

    A small craft kit was tucked inside each letter, containing a laminated paper cross, ribbon, and lots of bright stickers (butterflies, stars, gems, and flowers). Looks like they went to town with all those stickers!

    The Biggest MobilePack Yet!

    April 23-25, 2016

    The 6th annual Food 4others MobilePack was a HUGE SUCCESS! This year’s goal started at the 270,000 meal mark. But after an overwhelming response of volunteers signing up to pack (creating a wait list of over 280 people), we raised the goal to 290,000 meals to create more spots for volunteers. This was a big step of faith. This meant more funds needed to come in from unexpected avenues, in addition to all our partners’ pledges…. And that’s exactly what happened!

    God provided abundantly through our partners and generous volunteers, taking us right past our new goal! Altogether, 1,380 volunteers from across the Bay Area hand-packed a record 303,264 nutritious meals… ALL FULLY FUNDED! These meals will soon be shipped to FMSC distribution partners in the Philippines and Cambodia, feeding 830 children for a full year. 100% of the donations received went directly to our partner, Feed My Starving Children, in providing these meals.

    Read more about the Food 4others MobilePack.

    View the Photo Gallery.

    It's Time to "End Hunger Fast!"

    April 7-8, 2016

    Over the course of 30 hours, supporters of the Food 4others MobilePack fasted to raise awareness about the global hunger crisis. Participants encouraged friends and social networks to give donations to provide nutritious meals for children and families around the world. During the 30 hours of the End Hunger Fast, all donors were entered into multiple drawings to win fun prizes! After a Celebration Dinner and Dessert Auction to wrap up the End Hunger Fast, a total of $8,100.00 was raised to feed 100 children for a year!

    Clean Water Flows at Gosu Kora Primary School!


    THE WAIT IS OVER! Clean water now flows at the Gosu Kora Primary School in Ambo, Ethiopia! Where students used to jump the school fence during break to search for something to drink (often not returning in time to continue their classes), these 500 students and staff now have a reliable, safe way to quench their thirst right where they are! Trenching around the water point also directs all excess water into an adjacent plot of farmland--a cash crop for the school!

    With the coming addition of new latrines at the school, too, the health of the students and the quality of their learning environment is going to improve dramatically! Now it's on to Phase Two: Bringing clean water to the surrounding rural community. Read more about the Spring of Hope WASH Project.

    Christmas at the CarePoint


    The children at the Spring of Hope CarePoint had a wonderful Christmas celebration with worship, playing, special dramas and performances, achievement awards, and - of course - a grand feast! A hired cook prepared the meat from six sheep for the Christmas meal, combining it with traditional sauces and spices and serving it on injera bread. The children also had bananas, soda, and a piece of candy. Yum! After the feast, the children were so excited to receive the Christmas letters from their sponsors and volunteers in the USA!

    The "Big Squat" is a Big Success!


    On World Toilet Day, volunteers drew attention to the global need for safe sanitation. During The Big Squat, local volunteers of all ages sat on toilets in public along a busy street while engaging passersby and social media to raise awareness for the lack of access to bathroom facilities in developing nations.

    Volunteers and supporters of the cause also gave donations to help fund new Boys & Girls Latrines at a primary school in rural Ethiopia. In six hours, the Big Squat raised over $7,800.00 for the cause!

    Read the news article covering the Big Squat event.

    4others Launches Spring of Hope Water Project


    4others has launched a new project to bring clean water to the Gosu Kora Primary School and the surrounding Mengedo sub-locality in rural Ambo town, in Ethiopia. The total cost of the project will be $62,000.00. The Spring of Hope Water Project will include a 2.2 kilometer extension of the current municipal water distribution pipeline into two areas that have never had access to clean water, and is expected to directly benefit more than 1,550 individuals, especially women and children who currently travel long distances to collect water from unsanitary sources. For more information, or to make a donation to give clean water, click HERE.

    One Million Meals and Counting!

    May 2-4, 2015

    The 5th annual Food 4others MobilePack passed the Millionth Meal Milestone for our community! It was our BIGGEST and most impactful event yet-- with 1,300 volunteers showing up to pack 272,160 nutritious meals for hungry families! Click HERE to learn more.

    The 5th Food 4others MobilePack Raises the Goal!


    Due to the enthusiastic response of our amazing MobilePack partners, we're raising the goal for this year's Food 4others MobilePack event! Join us for our biggest event ever on May 2-4, 2015!

    1,300 volunteers hand-packing 270,000 nutritious meals - enough to fill one entire shipping container to feed 745 children for a year!

    The 2014 Mission Team returns from Spring of Hope CarePoint


    The Spring of Hope mission team just returned from a 7-day visit to the Spring of Hope CarePoint in Ambo, Ethiopia! They've heard many wonderful testimonies and seen amazing transformation in the lives of the children and their guardians! So much as been accomplished in just the first year of the CarePoint.

    Learn more and view pictures here.

    4others Partners with 30 Hearts


    4others has partnered with 30 Hearts to give 30 orphaned children hope in Jesus through a home and a family. Ethiopia has over 4.6 million orphaned children. 30 Hearts is committed to helping 30 orphaned children find a new identity in Christ through a loving family where they will not be seen as orphans but as beautiful hearts created by God. By opening a transition home in Bako, Ethiopia, 30 vulnerable orphans will be able to find safety from the harsh conditions of the streets.

    Read more about this amazing opportunity here.

    2014 Food 4others MobilePack Exceeds Goal!

    5/9/14 - 5/10/14

    The 4th annual Food 4others MobilePack was another big success, thank to our amazing partners and enthusiastic volunteers! Together, we packed 233,280 nutritious meals in just two days. That's enough to feed 639 severely malnourished children in the Philippines for the next year!

    End Hunger Game Feeds 78 Children for a Year!


    On March 28th, passionate individuals reached out to their social networks to advocate for the millions of hungry children around the world. They invited their friends and followers to donate to their cause and together our advocates (or "tributes") raised over $6,300.00 in just one day to provide over 28,600 life-saving meals through the 2014 Food 4others MobilePack! With your help, we were able to better the odds of children who live in extreme poverty! "Happy End Hunger Game! Make the odds be ever in their favor!"

    4others Launches the Spring of Hope CarePoint in Ethiopia


    On Sunday, September 22nd, 4others launched a new Ethiopia Initiative: Spring of Hope. Spring of Hope is a CarePoint in Ambo town, located in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. The CarePoint cares for 150 orphaned and vulnerable children through child sponsorship, family empowerment, and community development. We are now reaching out to our entire 4others community to find sponsors for these 150 children. For only $38/month, sponsorship provides a child with education (school & book fees), clothing, supplemental food, medical care, socio-emotional services, and Christian discipleship classes. Click here to learn more about Spring of Hope. Or, visit our CarePoint Community Webpage to sponsor a child today!

    2013 Food 4others MobilePack Is a Huge Success!

    5/10/13 - 5/11/13

    Silicon Valley's 3rd Annual Food 4others MobilePack was a huge success in providing nutritious meals for starving children! Nearly 1,200 local volunteers joined together to hand-pack 264,384 meals in just 2 days! These meals will be shipped to the Philippines to bring hope and nourishment to hundreds of children and families in Jesus' name!

    With the help of our partners at GateWay City Church and St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church of San Jose, 4others has partnered with Children's HopeChest and One Child Campaign to install a new M-100 Chlorinator water purification system in Ethiopia. The system will be installed at the Tullo CarePoint near Awassa in late May 2013.

    As of today, there are still a few spaces available on this upcoming mission trip to Ethiopia in May 23-31, 2013! Caleb David, Executive Director of One Child Campaign says, "If you know of anyone who would want to go with us in May to see the systems being installed, and also learn more about Children's HopeChest and other partners in Ethiopia, they are welcome!" If you're interested, please contact Caleb at info@onechildcampaign.com.

    The M-100 is a portable water purification system that generates chlorine through electrolysis. It operates using only a small amount of table salt, and either a 12-volt car battery or solar panels, and it generates enough chlorine to disinfect 38,000 liters of water per day — enough for about 10,000 people. The by products created in the water purification process can be used to disinfect medical equipment and kill mosquito larvae.

    A new well was completed at the Kango'nga Blind Center near Ndola, in the Copperbelt Region of Zambia. The new well provides safe water for 2,044 people. The people of Kango'nga are very happy to have a new well. Before the drilling of this well, Anthony Sinkala, a community member, said, "The community used to drink dirty water from hand dug wells, but now they will have access to clean and safe drinking water."

    Teens Return from Death Valley, CA

    Badwater for Good Water Walk 3

    6/28/12: San Jose teens returned from Badwater Basin in Death Valley, CA where they conducted their "Badwater for Good Water Walk" - a 12-mile walk-a-thon, raising funds for the African Water Project. It was an extreme event to highlight an extreme cause. Learn more...

    2012 Food 4others MobilePack Exceeds Goal


    On April 27-28, over 1,000 volunteers worked together to feed severely malnourished children in the developing world. In 2 days, they packed 241,056 meals, far exceeding the 225,000 meal goal! This amount of food will feed 660 children for an entire year!

    By the end of the event, over $60,000 had been raised (with funds still being counted), providing over 272,700 meals. More importantly, 747 children will now receive food for a year because of our volunteers' efforts and donations.

    4others Receives 2011 Community Champion Award


    For the third year in a row, 4others has been recognized by Second Harvest Food Bank for our efforts in fighting local hunger. This year, 4others received the Community Champion Award, given to the non-corporate group of under 250 participants with the highest per capita points (based on 2011 Food & Fund Drive results). In addition, 4others also received recognition as a Blue Diamond organization, the highest award level.

    The award was accepted by April Hunt, Community Relations & Events Coordinator at 4others. Photos from the Freedom From Hunger Awards Reception and Program are available HERE. To view a PDF of the event program with a complete list of all the award winners, click HERE.

    An Angel Bear Christmas

    Toy Distribution for Children in Santa Clara County

    12/26/11: Angel Bear Closet received a large donation of new children's toys for Christmas! The toys were distributed to local families in the San Jose area. 4others would like to thank Almaden Neighborhood Church, St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church, and members of the Willow Glen community (via WGNA's eList) for assitance in distributing the toys.

    Angel Bear Closet is always stocked with baby and children's clothing for local families in need. If you would like more information, or would like to schedule an appointment, click HERE.

    In a city-wide effort, volunteers took a stand against local hunger by collecting food donations in front of participating grocery stores and through local neighborhoods. This 3rd annual event was divided into two parts this year, taking place on August 6 and September 10 with an overall goal of collecting 15,000 pounds of food for Second Harvest Food Bank. Both days exceeded expectations, and combined reached 21,311 pounds!

    To learn more details and see photos of this effort, click HERE. For more information about Second Harvest Food Bank, click HERE.

    62 Families to Receive Safe Drinking Water for Life in Rwanda


    Donors at a recent African Water Project fundraising dinner, hosted by Church of God of San Jose, gave over $3,000.00 to provide Compassion International's Water of Life safe water systems to those living in extreme poverty in Rwanda.

    In partnership with Compassion International, 4others focused on the immense need for safe water in Rwanda, where 60 percent of the population lives below the poverty line. In addition, more than one-third of the population is without improved drinking water sources and nearly half are without improved sanitation facilities.

    The money raised will provide 62 Compassion children and their families with safe drinking water for the rest of their lives. Thanks to these amazing life-giving water filters, these kids and their families will no longer have to worry about diseases from unsafe drinking water.

    For more information about Compassion International, click HERE. For more information about our partnership with Compassion's Water of Life Campaign, click HERE.

    Thousands of Meals Reach Orphaned Children in the Philippines


    An additional 35,640 hand-packed meals (165 boxes) from this year's Food 4others MobilePack Event in San Jose were distributed to feeding centers in the Philippines. Currently in and around the Manila area, there are approximately 100,000 parentless and homeless street children! This is the largest concentration of orphaned children in any city or country in the world! Mission partner, Risen Savior Missions, began feeding over two thousand of these orphaned children three months ago. In partnership with FMSC, Risen Savior Missions has shipped enough food into the Philippines to reverse malnutrition in 62,000 children and has shipped over eight million meals in the last 36 months to hundreds of different feeding sites in the Philippines.

    The remaining 40,000+ meals that were provided by this year's Food 4others MobilePack have been combined with other FMSC shipments and are currently being distributed throughout the developing world. For a complete list of countries where meals are being distributed, click HERE.

    Food 4others Meals Arrive in North Korea


    On Tuesday, June 7, 2011, we received word that over 92,000 nutritious meals that were hand-packed at the Food 4others MobilePack Event on April 30th had been safely delivered to North Korea! The meals were shipped from Long Beach, CA by FMSC mission partner, Northeast Asia Foundation for Education & Culture (NAFEC), based in Los Angeles, CA. NAFEC sends one container of food a month to the Chagang-do region, where the food situation has deteriorated the most, and visits the area to confirm the delivery of food and other supplies (such as blankets and clothing).

    4others spoke with the President of NAFEC, Dr. Woo-Yong Lie, yesterday, who confirmed that the shipment of life-saving meals had arrived in North Korea. After being re-freighted at the Port of Dalian in China, the meals entered North Korea through the Port of Nampo. There NAFEC distribution partners picked up the precious cargo, loaded it onto a rented truck, and began the long drive to the rugged, mountainous region of Chagang-do, one of the most isolated and remote areas in North Korea. Due to a lack of food storage facilities, the meals were delivered door-to-door, directly to families in need.

    Widespread and chronic malnutrition, which suppresses people’s immune system, has triggered epidemics and mass outbreaks of illnesses related to poor diet throughout North Korea, especially in remote regions such as Chagang-do. Children and the elderly suffer the most, and many continue to die of starvation. To the hungry in Chagang-do, these meals mean not only love, but life.

    4others is proud to announce the opening of Angel Bear Closet. Located on the grounds of Church of God of San Jose, Angel Bear Closet is a non-profit organization that will provide free clothing to children in need in Willow Glen and surrounding areas. Angel Bear Closet is operated by volunteers and is open BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

    Volunteers will assist children, along with a parent, who are referred to Angel Bear by churches, schools, local fire departments and other social agencies. Angel Bear aims to also provide clothing in emergency situations such as fires, a parent’s sudden loss of job, etc. For more information visit www.AngelBear.org.

    On April 30, 2011, over 550 San Jose residents worked together to feed thousands of starving children in the developing world. Originally scheduled as a two-day event, the Food 4others MobilePack had to be cut short by one day after it was discovered that a pallet of plastic bags and labels needed to package the food were left behind in Arizona by a trucking company. Our partner, FMSC, was able to overnight the supplies via FedEx, and we received them just in time for the packing sessions the following day.

    Thanks to an amazing response from the community and the enthusiastic participation of our volunteers, we were able to hand-packed 128,304 life-saving meals in a single day, exceeding our goal by over 8,000 meals! By the end of the event, over $32,000 had been raised, providing over 168,000 nutritious meals. More importantly, these meals will feed 462 children for an entire year! 100% of donations received went directly to providing these meals.

    4others to Add 20,000 Meals to Help Support Relief Efforts in Japan


    Food and water supplies remain low in northern Japan, ravaged by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. Evacuation centers are filled amid a nuclear crisis, and radiation has now been detected in some local food.

    Our MobilePack partner, Feed My Starving Children (FMSC), is shipping at least 600,000 MannaPack meals to Japan, at the request of two aid partners working there: Convoy of Hope and Northeast Asia Foundation for Education and Culture (NAFEC). NAFEC and Convoy work closely with Japanese authorities to bring in just the aid that’s needed. But with a network of Japanese citizens and churches, they can get food into remote and chaotic places that others may find hard to reach.

    In order to respond to this need, FMSC has asked 4others to increase the number of meals we had committed to pack at the upcoming Food 4others MobilePack Event on April 29-30, 2011. Each MobilePack sponsor was asked to provide one additional pallet of food, or 7,128 meals. The 4others Team decided to increase that number to 20,000, bringing our total meal-packing goal to 120,000 meals. This new commitment will require 100 additional volunteers, as well as additional funds. 4others is currently working with local churches and community groups in San Jose to respond to this need.

    4others Receives 2010 Spirit Award


    For the second year in a row, Second Harvest Food Bank presented 4others with the Spirit Award, given to the faith-based organization with the highest per capita points (based on 2010 Food & Fund Drive results). The award was accepted by Gabe Ramirez, Missions & Outreach Team member at Church of God of San Jose (our home church). Photos from the Freedom From Hunger Awards Reception and Program are available HERE. To view a PDF of the event program with a complete list of all the award winners, click HERE.

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